Winter 2022 Mini Monopoly Challenge Event

By popular demand, we will be having a Mini Monopoly Pub Challenge Event.
Hopefully we will have some seasonal, snowy weather, if not, lets hope the sun shines. Maybe visit 10 pubs, give or take.

Taking place on Saturday 19th February, the first pub will be, The Royal Oak, top of St Giles, Woodstock Road at 12:30.

Browns Cafe, Oxford Covered Market

For those that feel a bit hungry, especially travelling down from Banbury.
There will be an optional meet in Browns in the covered market for brunch at around 11:00 ish.

Suggested Pub Order and Times

1. The Royal Oak - Start

Top of St Giles, Woodstock Road.
Arrival Time - 12:30
Departure Time - 13:15

1(a). Lamb & Flag

Half way down St Giles.
This was due to open middle of February 2022, but now looking doubtful.

2. The Kings Arms

Bottom of Broad Street.
Arrival time - 13:30

3. Turf Tavern

Holywell Street.
Arrival time - 14:15


4. The Plough

Arrival time - 15:00

George Street

5 The Four Candles

Bottom of George Street.
Arrival time - 15:45

6. The Crown

Arrival time - 16:30

7. The Chequers

High Street.
Arrival time - 17:15

8. The Head of The River

Bottom of St. Aldates.
Arrival time - 18:00

9. The Royal Blenheim - Finish (then on to optional curry house)

St. Ebbe's.
Arrival time - 18:45

Wild Cards - Possible extras or substitutes

The White Horse

Broad Street
Nice Beer, bit small inside

The Bear

Alfred Street
Nice Beer, bit small inside

Three Goats Heads

St. Michael's Street
Different Beer, I fall down steps.

Oxford Retreat

Hythe Street
Beer.don't know, Nice inside

10. The Curry - 4500 Miles from Delhi

Parkend Street
Arrival time - 19:30